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Since I was about the age of 4 I have been creating my own songs that often don’t have words. I may hum, bee bop, scat, sing one word over and over in a variety of ways, or get this…talk to myself! I think this all started because I would spend a lot of time in nature outside and often alone because I was an only child the first ten years of my life and both parents were working full time jobs. I had a very loving babysitter whom I still adore to this day, but my voice was a great friend of mine in the loneliness.

I would go in the backyard and sing to the grass. I’d say “Thank you sun” and twirl around til I felt dizzy and laid face up looking at the clouds float by. My mind was always asking questions and wondering what more was out there beyond my circle block of neighbors and half day of kindergarten school. Well those questions never seemed to go away because when one was answered another would pop up again. And I noticed this pattern of emotion continuously as I grew into a young woman. If I sat down with a friend and told the truth of what I was experiencing in my life and how I was feeling my gut would feel satisfied. My singing voice would remain untouched. My mind would be at ease.

Life is complicated sometimes though and it’s not always easy to be open and honest with our thoughts. There are a variety of reasons why we hide. We hide truths from people because we’re afraid it might hurt their feelings. We also are afraid if someone else knows about what we are going through it will expose us to ridicule or “I told you so” status. It takes a very courageous woman to speak her mind and have no second thoughts of it. I write all of this out because I struggled to voice my opinion for a few years in my life and I literally would lose my voice for weeks at a time. This was NOT GOOD given I had to teach students Monday-Friday. It took me years to realize what I was doing to myself. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for four years and telling people that I was okay…and I most certainly was not okay.

Our bodies live inside of our spirits. Have you ever heard the word “aura” before? Our auras extend anywhere from an arms length beyond our skin to several feet wide based on our thoughts and feelings in that moment. It is basically the invisible energy field around our body. What happens is if we decide not to speak our truth our body will react to this free will choice. In my case, I was hiding my true emotions and thus continuously got a scratchy throat, loss of vocal ability, and soreness. It is my soul’s purpose to help other humans realize the power they have in speaking their truth.

They may not have as serious of a story as I did but we all have a story and we all travel paths in life that force us to have difficult conversations and say things that may not be so easy to say. The amazing science behind this is that not only is it morally better to state a truth and communicate effectively with our important people but our bodies are dependent on us making the right decision! Taking care of our health is not just about exercising and eating well. We MUST keep due diligence in remaining emotionally strong through speaking our truth with our words.


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