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Uncovering One Self

Discovering oneself is not really about discovery. It’s more about uncovering the true self. As we change our attitudes and beliefs towards what it is we know and let go of what it is we thought it should be the process waxes and wanes. Our natural growth rhythm speeds and slows with our understanding and how we react to what we uncover as we gain clarity. Even more begins to unfold for us as we focus on what is it we are looking for.

People who are struggling or hoping to give meaning to the mundane often go on a journey of self discovery. Their pain and their story has encapsulated their way of being to an extent. So this process is not only about uncovering what has been hidden, but is also about healing, accepting and becoming OK with how things are.

This process of unveiling is a beautiful orchestration and should not be painful. Different events, thoughts, signs, feelings and experiences will come up in our day to day and in our memory; and it is a continuous lifetime performance that we will forever work on to perfect. We evolve, grow and become better at being ourselves through the doing of all of this.

To fully embrace this process you have to bridge the gap between how things are and how you want them to be. You have to become comfortable with what is.

You have to go inwards and explore so you can understand who you are in this moment, what it is that is missing and accept the way life is, before you can go deeper and uncover what it is that you are looking for.When you know what is ‘wrong’ before you can attain what is ‘right’, you know what it is that makes you feel ‘bad’ in order for you to feel ‘good’. That is why so many stories of success come from people with dark and difficult pasts!

Pain and struggle may have been part our story so far, but they do not have to be part of our future!

We learn to nurture ‘right’ and ‘good’ with focus and higher choices. We can choose happiness, balance and ease by knowing what it is that makes us feel those feelings. By defining what our unique version of living a meaningful life is, we can do this by going inward and uncovering what it is that we are good at and how we can share that passion and skill to bring value to the world by using those skills to stand up for what we believe in.

This process is not an easy one, because often people who struggle or have pain, will find it hard to soften to the pain, to give in to and forgive the ‘what is’, accept and let go of ‘what it was supposed to be’. This is why we have to heal along the way, we have to rebalance, mind, body and spirit. Because this is a spiritual process of profound connection and reconnection on all levels.

Over the last 5 years in uncovering many things about myself I have also become fascinated by these connections and at how we make sense of them. I believe that there are certain steps that we take during this process, that are deeply connected and rooted with our energy, thus my deep belief in the mind, body, spirit connection.

These connections are intricate, complex, fluid, sensitive, constantly being affected by the natural rhythm of life. How we sleep, by what we eat, by how we feel, by the people we love, by the work that we do. Balance is not about having it all, doing it all and doing it well. Balance is feeling well and doing what REALLY matters to you in that moment. Knowing that you are making the RIGHT choices that align with who you are and what you believe in.

What I’ve also learnt about this process is the most important elements of success are KINDNESS and PATIENCE. Being kind with self. Spreading kindness in your own unique way. Patience with self and patience in the process. We all want to be better. When you soften, you have more patience to enjoy the process and become involved in it, which ultimately leads to it being far more enriching. It is in those moments you progress the most. It is a never ending process of becoming better at being your best self.

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